Hybrid Sweepers Offer Greener, Cleaner Performance
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Hybrid Sweepers Offer Greener, Cleaner Performance

Jul 15, 2023

November 9, 2022

Image: Elgin

As more municipalities look to hybrids to reduce fuel emissions and strengthen sustainability efforts, one question that arises is performance. Can hybrids perform at the same level or better than their fully fossil-fueled predecessors?

As essential tools for improving water and air quality while also positively impacting your community’s environment, hybrid sweepers can help municipalities reach their emission reduction goals without requiring costly infrastructure development. Elgin Sweeper, which recently unveiled the hybrid Broom Bear and hybrid Pelican models, is committed to building hybrid sweepers with uncompromised performance and assisting its customers to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate climate change.

“When developing the hybrid sweepers, one of the most important aspects was the sweeper’s performance,” said Tim Letts, product manager, Elgin Sweeper. “Even though they’re hybrids, they’re still productive and offer unparalleled performance, so municipalities are getting the job done while also meeting their sustainability efforts.”

When it comes to street sweepers, productivity is paramount. The hybrid Broom Bear uses a high-capacity battery to power the sweeper. The battery can be recharged while driving or when plugged into an electrical outlet, so the sweeper’s performance, speeds, capacity, and its availability to work all day remains unchanged from the standard Broom Bear sweeper. The Broom Bear also consumes dramatically less fuel relative to the baseline model while maintaining similar overall performance. The hybrid Broom Bear can be configured with a chassis engine that runs off diesel or compressed natural gas (CNG), giving customers an even “greener” option. Pair the CNG model with renewable natural gas, and you are cutting even more emissions from your community.

The hybrid Pelican from Elgin’s three-wheel mechanical sweeper line can now also be configured as a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV). The hybrid Pelican utilizes the latest technology in the electrification market to meet the demanding duty cycle of municipal street sweeping. The electrified drive system works in conjunction with the ultra-low emissions John Deere 4.5L engine, which is certified to the latest U.S. EPA and CARB standards while delivering powerful performance and significant reductions in emissions.

No two communities are exactly alike, making maneuverability another key factor when considering a hybrid sweeper. Both hybrid models handle a multitude of applications, designed to tackle everything from heavy-duty construction debris to light street maintenance. The hybrid Broom Bear’s short wheelbase, large diameter brooms, and dual-mode air suspension system is ideal for sweeping in densely populated areas, and its sizable hopper and water tank result in more productive sweeping time and fewer scheduled stops.

Just like all Pelicans, the newest member of the Pelican family features outstanding maneuverability and visibility, a 10-foot sweeping path, 9-foot, 6-inch high dump frontal hopper, and a heavy-duty No-Jam chevron conveyor belt. The hybrid Pelican is highly maneuverable with a tight turning radius that enables it to operate extremely close to obstacles and along curb lines, and the rear wheel steering makes it a great choice for city sweeping due to its ability to easily move around parked vehicles.

As municipals continue to attract new drivers and retain those they have, comfort also becomes a large consideration for a new sweeper. Both Elgin hybrid sweepers offer amenities for drivers, such as a low noise level, which is especially optimal for residents living in areas where sweepers routinely operate.

As the only sweeper with full visibility with 360-degree views, the Pelican provides incredible ease while operating. The isolation-mounted cab is also cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable. The Pelican also doesn’t require a CDL, which enables a larger employee pool of operators — a key benefit with a shifting workforce.

“Hybrid sweepers help municipalties lower emissions and mitigate climate change while completing a full day’s work,” said Letts. “Plus, hybrid sweepers are a great way for municipalities to save on fuel costs.”

Find out more about the hybrid Broom Bear and Pelican today at ElginSweeper.com.