Continental introduces Synchromotion PU timing belts
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Continental introduces Synchromotion PU timing belts

Aug 04, 2023

HANOVER, Germany—Continental A.G. now offers the Synchromotion polyurethane timing belt, "a new generation" of belts for power transmission in demanding environments.

The Synchromotion will be part of the established "Truly Endless" line of timing belts, according to Conti.

"This allows us to offer our industrial customers a significantly larger standard range, and they can now access the full product portfolio from a single source," said Sascha Heyde, head of product management for industrial drive belts at Continental.

The Synchromotion, which allows custom design via its availability in specific lengths from 1,500mm to 14,500mm (maximum width of 100mm), complements the Synchroflex belt, a lighter weight timing belt that is established within the Truly Endless portfolio.

The Synchromotion is reinforced by steel cord, giving it flexibility, abrasion resistance and durability.

"The polyurethane cover ensures more efficient power transmission than is the case with other materials," Conti said. "The Synchromotion can be manufactured in individual lengths ... precisely down to one tooth."

This customization brings applications into play that previously were not covered by Continental, including timing belt replacement on existing equipment.

The plastic from which the Synchromotion is made is identical to Continental's polyurethane for extruded products.

The Synchromotion, to be manufactured at Continental's Dannenberg, Germany, plant, can be installed on "synchronous conveyor systems and transport devices with sliding rails, as well as positioning and reversing drives in linear and control engineering."

Initial lead times for the individualized belts are expected to be between four and six weeks, according to Conti.

Continental celebrated its 150th anniversary in October 2021.

The Synchromotion belts are being introduced internationally on the heels of a segment-wide rebranding for the power transmission unit within ContiTech in the Americas.

The new slogan, Continuity, aims to add just that to its supply chain, production and innovation for its industrial drive belts.

In fact, the $6.4 billion unit of Continental is ensuring Continuity around the world, as it rebrands the entirety of its drive belt portfolio in the industrial segment with the new name.

All regions will be using the new naming structure by late 2023, according to ContiTech.

As part of the rollout, ContiTech will add an expected performance level to each of its belts: standard, advanced and supreme.

As such, the performance level branding dictates a series of upgrades and "modernizations" for some drive belt series, as well as completely new product lines to expand existing ranges.

For more on the Continuity rebrand and what it means for ContiTech's business moving forward, see the April 17 issue of Rubber News.

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